Anthropometric design & validation tool

The 3D HUMAN MODEL is used by designers and mechanical engineers to optimize the physical human-product interaction. The models provide a great overview of the statistical 1D data and make it easier to use the information in a 3D CAD environment.

DINED Statistical 1D Data

3D HUMAN MODEL (P5, P50 and P95 in one assembly)

Scientific validation

The models are based on existing data sets and scientifically validated.
The development was done in conjunction with Dr. Johan F.M. Molenbroek, Associate Professor Applied Ergonomics at the Delft University of Technology and Humanetics Innovative Solutions.

Supported CAD software

The models are available as in native Solidworks, CREO, CATIA and NX.  In these programs you can be easily manipulate the ligaments through the internal mates. For other programs we created Parasolid and STEP files.


The 3D HUMAN MODEL is used by many clients and educational institutions all over the world.

• Products for children (car and bike seats, strollers, toys)
• Transportation (aviation, bicycles, cars, truck cabins, trains, hyperloop)
• Military (tank, helicopter, submarine)
• Furniture (office, outdoor, playgrounds)
• Sports equipment (training machines)
• Production equipment (assembly lines)
• Medical (aids, wheelchairs, scoot mobiles)
• Consultancies (design, engineering, ergonomic, architects)
• Educations (design, ergonomic)

Initiators and background

The tool is created by SLIMDESIGN to incorporate anthropometric data into their development process. To make the tool available for others they experimented with open source. Unfortunately, due to the nature and complexity of the project, it proved hard for others to give support. In order to bring the project forward, they decided to sell the tool online to create funds for further development.

Sponsor program

For clients that are interested in multiple models, we have a sponsor program. For 4.500 euro a sponsor can benefit from the acquired knowledge, influence the further development and have free access to the data and models for 3 years. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact us by sending an e-mail.


Please find the available 3D HUMAN MODELS we offer so far in the Shop.