I-Size CRS set 10 models 55-100 cm Parasolid

1,500.00 ex. Vat


The I-Size model set is intended for use in the development of Child Restraint Systems (CRS). This is why these 3D Human Models have a set body length (stature) and a sitting height, shoulder breadth, hip breadth and shoulder height.

The dimensions of these 3D Human Models are based on anthropometric data published in the “Draft new Regulation on uniform provisions concerning the approval of enhanced CRS used onboard of motor vehicles, http://www.unece.org/, December 9, 2011″.


The data refers to the 95th percentile of the children with corresponding statures as published in the regulation.


The 3D Human Models for Parasolid XT are semi-fixed models (standing).


After purchase you will receive a link that enables you to download a zip-file which consists of 3D CAD files, a user manual with background information, a validation sheet with source data and a content license.


3D Human Model cannot be held legally responsible for any problems related to the use of the data and models.